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My journey of becoming a Naturopathic Nutritionist.

A little write up on how I ended up pursuing a career as a naturopathic nutritionist.

My journey began during a particularly challenging period in my life – a divorce. It served as a wake-up call, prompting me to realise the importance of investing in myself and my passions, just as I did for my children. Around the same time, my world was shaken by the devastating news of my dad's diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to his brain. To make matters even more complex, my youngest child was just three months old at the time. It was an overwhelming situation to handle.

During this challenging period, I began to look inward and ask myself what I truly wanted to do with my life. That's when my lifelong fascination with herbs resurfaced. As a child, I used to gather herbs and dry them to create unique tea blends.

The more I explored this passion, the more captivated I became. I quickly realised that herbs weren't just about adding flavour; they possessed the remarkable ability to alleviate symptoms. Herbs like Lady's mantle, Lemon balm, and Nettle became my trusted "blood tonics," each offering its own health benefits to relieve period pain and heavy bleeding.

But as I pursued this passion, well-meaning family members advised me to pursue a more conventional career. They questioned the practicality of herbs when medications were readily available and expressed concerns about my future, urging me to prioritise my studies.

In school, my interests were diverse

– I had a deep love for science, physics, technology (I even dabbled in making circuit boards) and playing the piano. The concept that energy never truly disappears but transforms fascinated me, and the world of atoms and the periodic table felt like mysteries waiting to be unravelled, although I had a passion for this, I pretty much doubted I could “become” anything. Which was reflexed in my grades.

Throughout my life, I battled extreme fatigue and brain fog, turning even the simplest tasks into challenges, that did make studying very challenging. My periods had always been excruciatingly heavy, accompanied by cramps that could confine me to bed for days with shooting pains down my legs, I started to feel somewhat feed up. Desperate for answers, I sought help from my local GP. I had suggested to him that it could possibly be endometriosis because most of my symptoms seemed to align, but he adamantly insisted I couldn't possibly have endometriosis. His proposed solution was to return to birth control pills, despite my past negative experiences with them. At 36 years old, this didn't feel like the right path for me, and I wanted to explore alternative options. "Get more rest," he advised, "come back if it gets worse."

That's when I decided to take control of my health. I refused to accept a life of constant fatigue and frustration. I wanted my children to remember me as an energetic mum, not one who spent most of her time resting in bed. That's when I stumbled upon naturopathic nutritional therapy, and it felt like fate. I wanted to dig deeper into the root causes of my health issues, even if it meant experiencing just a slight improvement, that would be a huge milestone for me.

One year into collage I had to undergo keyhole surgery (I might talk about why at a different date), and it was during this operation I found out I did in fact have endometriosis after all, which wasn’t the reason for the surgery to begin with. After five years of dedication to perusing something that I am highly passionate about, I finally earned my qualification, despite a journey that was far from easy or straightforward! But so worth it all!!

My journey has taught me some powerful lessons about resilience and the importance of staying strong when life throws challenges in your way. Endometriosis remains a part of my life, but now I've a greater understanding of my own triggers and how to manage it more effectively. While there are occasional flare-ups, I've found a sense of control that I never had before.

Today, I wake up with the energy and enthusiasm I once longed for. I'm driven by a profound passion to help others find the support and give them solutions they need to lead fulfilling lives. I firmly believe that life shouldn't be an unending struggle, but rather a journey filled with opportunities for growth and well-being.

Thank you for reading

Lei North

founder of NutraLei

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