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Vitality Rebalance Program

apple and green food and a glas of juice

Who it's for:

  • Overwhelmed with work-life balance.

  • Suffering from burnout and fatigue

  • Lacking focus and poor memory

  • Struggling with anxiety and sleep quality

  • Fed up with restrictive diets.

  • Looking for energy renewal. 

  • Confused about food and unsure how to make healthy meal choices..

  • Keen for lasting, impactful changes

cutting food

What's Included:

  • 90-minute breakthrough and planning session

  • Personalised nutritional plan

  • Meal plans, recipes & shopping list

  • Tailored strategies for quick yet sustainable lifestyle adaptations

  • Fortnightly check-ins for support, accountability and adjustments*

  • Targeted supplement & functional test recommendations**

  • Focus on identifying root causes through functional medicine.

eating a summer salad

The Experience:

  • Clients find that on this programme they have:

  • A renewed sense of vitality & energy

  • Enhanced focus and productivity in professional and personal settings

  • More balanced moods 

  • Clearer mental clarity

  • Greater confidence in making healthful food choices.

  • Improved sleep quality, leading to increased productivity.


 12-week programme

Fortnightly 1-2-1 check-ins, with ongoing email and message support

**supplementation and functional testing not included, up to 10% discount

Payment plan is available £230 in 3 monthly payments

lei in a consultation with client

To get you started, book a free 20-minute call to discuss your goals, challenges and find out how nutritional therapy can support your health, to make sure your plan is tailored to what's most important to you. 

This programs are exclusively structured as 12-week journeys. During these 12 weeks, we thoroughly explore and address your health concerns, targeting underlying imbalances to achieve significant and lasting improvements in your well-being. While this approach is flexible to align with your specific needs and schedule, I have found that a minimal 12-week timeframe is optimal for creating profound, sustainable changes.

What is included in the 12- week package.

  • 1x 60 minute In-depth health and lifestyle assessment a complete medical health profile, exploring habits, needs & preferences.

  • ​Follow up online (world wide)/ in-person consultations available 

  • You will receive Personalised nutrition, lifestyle advice and supplement plan* that works for you and how you live your life.

  • Meal plans & recipe book + shopping lists

  • You will feel supported with handouts that resonates with your personal goals and depending on your package, where I will review the therapeutic plan and make changes accordingly. 

  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation, if applicable.

  • If appropriate I can provide recommendations on clinical tests and their interpretation**, or if needed, write a referral to your GP or healthcare provider. 

  • *Up to 10% off on supplementation (if recommended).

For pay-as-you-go clients test interpretations might not be included and extra follow ups would need to be arrange if the test is older than 3 months and if the tests are made after the initial appointment. Please inquire during our free 20 minutes session. 
explaining results of a test consultation


Functional testing can reveal invaluable information about your health.  

These tests are optional, and based on an individual's symptoms and health objectives, I would recommend the most suitable tests, if appropriate. 

Click here to read more.


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In-Depth assessment (90 minutes)

1 hour consultation for clients who wish to pay per session. Fee does not include functional laboratory tests or supplements, can be added with additional cost.

Follow up session (40 minutes)

40 minute additional session for existing clients who need extra consultations within their programme

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