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The Enchanting World of Marshmallow

I want to dedicate this blog to the marvellous marshmallow plant that is featured in my logo. If you have come across my logo, you might have noticed the plant. This choice goes beyond aesthetics. It embodies the principles of natural resilience and nurturing care. Althaea officinalis, with its soft leaves and delicate flowers, mirrors the holistic approach I advocate—leveraging nature’s abundance to foster our wellbeing. It highlights the significance of integrating nutrition, lifestyle, and natural remedies to address health issues comprehensively. Let’s explore the symbol of healing it represents as we uncover the benefits of this remarkable herb.

Marshmallow plant and root
Marshmallow Plant & Root

Beyond the Campfire

When you hear "marshmallow," your mind might wander to sweet, fluffy treats ideal for campfires and hot chocolate. However, the true essence and depth of the marshmallow plant, Althaea officinalis, stretch far beyond these modern confections. This plant, featuring prominently in my logo, is a cornerstone of herbal medicine, revered for its gentle yet profound healing properties. Let's delve into the history, uses, and magic of marshmallow, revealing why this plant is an indispensable ally in natural wellness.


A Pillar of Herbalism with Ancient Roots

Marshmallow's journey from ancient remedy to modern-day staple is actually a fascinating tale of resilience and versatility. Historically, its healing powers were recognised by civilisations across the globe, from ancient Egypt to Greece, where it was used not just as food but as a key medicinal herb. The Greeks named it Althaea, derived from "altho" (to cure), highlighting its therapeutic nature, while its family name, Malvaceae, from "malake" (soft), reveals its soothing essence. This linguistic heritage beautifully encapsulates marshmallow's core qualities. It's ability to soften, soothe, and heal. Today, the marshmallow plant is still celebrated and used for its soothing properties, making it a cornerstone in contemporary natural therapy practices.


A Healing Delight

In herbal practice, the sweetness you taste in marshmallow isn’t just about flavour—it's a sign of the plant's healing properties. This kind of sweetness is similar to what you find in foods like root vegetables, which are full of important carbohydrates that help the body recover and heal. When you're dealing with issues like dry skin or digestion problems, marshmallow's natural sugars can help by bringing moisture back to where it's needed most. This marshmallow plant could help your body find its way back to balance.


marshmallow flower
People have used marshmallow root in herbal medicine for centuries.

Comfort for the Inside and Out

Marshmallow has a great talent for helping the mucosal membranes, particularly in supporting digestive health and respiratory wellness. These areas get a boost from the gooey, protective qualities of marshmallow, making it great for looking after parts of the body like the skin and stomach. It's like marshmallow puts up a shield to keep these sensitive areas safe from irritation and keep it hydrated. This shows how taking care of our physical health with something as simple as marshmallow can also make us feel better on the inside, highlighting how our physical and emotional well-being are closely linked.


A Lunar Herb of Emotional and Spiritual Harmony

Marshmallow isn't just about physical health, it reaches into our emotions and spirit too. Its ability to soften and soothe goes beyond the body, helping to ease stiff emotions and refresh our inner selves. This makes it a great friend during tough emotional times or when we're feeling worn out. Because marshmallow is connected to the Moon and water, it's especially good at opening us up to care and recovery, bringing a calm, gentle wave of comfort into our lives.


Extracting The Essence

Capturing the therapeutic properties of marshmallow requires a method as gentle as the plant itself. Cold water infusion emerges as the most effective way to preserve its mucilaginous benefits, allowing us to create potent, hydrating remedies. This method respects the plant's delicate nature, ensuring that its healing essence is transferred intact into the water, ready to soothe and hydrate from within.


Herbal tea

My Go-To Mix

I love mixing marshmallow with liquorice for a really effective, simple remedy that targets dryness and irritation. This combination is perfect for soothing a stubborn cough or calming an upset stomach. Using marshmallow in this way connects you straight to its comforting properties.

To make this even more effective, let the blend steep for a while (with a lid to keep the oils from escaping). This extra time helps pull out more of the herbs’ beneficial properties, making sure you get the most out of your tea. Once it’s ready, just strain out the herbs. You can enjoy this soothing drink warm, which is great for a scratchy throat, or cool it down over ice for a refreshing treat. The warmth and sweetness of the liquorice root combine with the soothing marshmallow root or even slippery elm bark to calm and restore your throat, making every sip a step towards feeling better.


Remembering Loved Ones

Marshmallow has a special role in the deeply personal tradition of remembering those who have passed away. Choosing to plant marshmallow near a loved one's resting place acts as a heartfelt tribute that grows and thrives over time. This act of planting is more than just a gesture. It's a symbol of ongoing respect and remembrance, linking us to the age-old custom of honouring our ancestors through the natural world. It demonstrates the powerful ability of plants to offer comfort and forge a connection, bridging the divide between yesterday and today. Through nurturing the growth of marshmallow, we find a unique way to keep memories alive, providing a gentle reminder of the cycle of life and the healing nature of time and care.

Embracing the Full Spectrum

As we journey through the world of Althaea officinalis, it becomes clear that marshmallow is not just a plant but a symbol of nature's profound capacity for healing. Its ability to soothe, nourish, and protect offers a holistic path to wellness that resonates with the principles of natural medicine I cherish deeply. Through exploring marshmallow's rich history, versatile uses, and spiritual significance, I hope to inspire you to embrace this remarkable herb, discovering in it a faithful ally on your path to health and harmony.


Mindful Use of Marshmallow and Other Herbs

Marshmallow is a treasure trove of healing properties, offering relief and comfort through its natural goodness. However, it's crucial to use this herb—and others like liquorice and slippery elm bark—wisely and with awareness. The mucilage in marshmallow, while beneficial, can affect how your body processes medications. This means it could alter the absorption rates of drugs you're taking. Additionally, if you're keeping an eye on your sugar levels, be aware that marshmallow, especially its root, contains natural sugars.


This careful consideration extends to liquorice and slippery elm bark as well. Each herb comes with its own set of guidelines and potential interactions. For instance, liquorice may impact blood pressure and potassium levels, and slippery elm bark has specific uses and effects.


To fully embrace the benefits of these herbs without compromising your health, integrating them into your wellness routine should be done thoughtfully. Always consult with a health professional before adding new herbs to your diet, especially if you're managing health conditions or taking medication. Their guidance can help ensure that these natural remedies support your health goals in harmony with any treatments you're already following.


By approaching the use of marshmallow, liquorice, and slippery elm bark with knowledge and caution, you're not just being mindful of their interactions with medications and lifestyle factors. You're also honouring a holistic approach to healing, one that marries the ancient wisdom of herbal remedies with a modern understanding of health and wellness. Remember, the key to harnessing the full potential of these herbs safely and effectively always includes consulting with a qualified healthcare specialist, ensuring they complement your health journey in the most beneficial way.


NutraLei logo

My Personal Connection to Marshmallow

All these facets of the marshmallow plant—from its healing properties to the way it honours memories—deeply resonate with me, forging a profound connection to this herb. It's not just about the physical benefits marshmallow offers, it's also the emotional and spiritual harmony it brings into our lives. The practice of using marshmallow as a living tribute to those we've lost speaks to a universal language of love and remembrance, grounding me in the timeless tradition of healing and honouring through nature.


This connection is nurtured by the herb's gentle strength and its capacity to bridge the human experience across time and space, offering solace and understanding. Marshmallow, with its roots deeply entrenched in both the earth and ancient wellness practices, symbolises a continuum of care, compassion, and connectivity. It's this mix of intertwined qualities that makes marshmallow so special to me.  A reflection of my belief in holistic healing and the power of nature to touch every aspect of our being—body, mind, and soul.


This blog only begins to uncover the depth of the marshmallow plant. There's so much more to explore and learn about its healing powers and significance.


Did you enjoy learning about the marshmallow plant? I’d love to hear your thoughts or any questions you might have. Feel free to share in the comments below or contact me directly.



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  • The monograph by Basch, Ulbricht, Hammerness, and Vora dives deep into the marshmallow plant, offering a thorough overview of its uses, effectiveness, safety considerations, and pharmacological insights. This comprehensive resource validates the plant's esteemed place in herbal medicine, especially highlighting its capacity to soothe mucous membranes and confer various health benefits.

  • In a study by Buechi, Vogelin, von Eiff, Ramos, and Melzer, the focus shifts to an herbal cough syrup containing ivy and thyme. Invaluable research when discussing marshmallow in the context of respiratory health. It underscores the plant's synergy with other herbs in managing coughs, providing a broader perspective on herbal remedies for respiratory conditions.

  • The Expanded Commission E Monographs, curated by Blumenthal, Goldberg, and Brinckmann, stand as a respected authority on herbal medicine. The segment dedicated to marshmallow solidifies its status by detailing traditional and modern uses, ensuring its safety, and affirming its effectiveness. This source acts as a strong foundation for both historical and contemporary applications of marshmallow.

  • Research conducted by Nosál'ova, Strapková, Kardösová, Capek, Zathurecký, and Bukovskáfocuses on the antitussive (cough-suppressing) properties of marshmallow extracts and polysaccharides. This study is particularly talks about marshmallow's efficacy in easing coughs and elucidates the mechanisms behind its mucilaginous qualities.

  • Lastly, the work of Sutovska, Nosalova, Franova, and Kardosova on the antitussive activity of marshmallow polysaccharides directly supports discussions on its application in respiratory health. Their findings offer solid scientific evidence for marshmallow's role in alleviating coughs, reinforcing its therapeutic potential.


Written by Anne-Lie North 27th February 'No Brainer Day' 2024

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